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ALARA-BALT Australasian Conference 2020 Program

ALARA-BALT Australasian
Action Learning, Action Research Conference 2020

Discovering the Future Together:
Action Learning and Action Research at Work

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Conference Program

The Conference program is listed below. Between sessions, participants are encouraged to network and reflect on the sessions. Participants can also meet for a chat over a coffee / tea in vacant breakout rooms.

A copy of the formal program, with abstracts is available here (2.2 Mb).

Please note: The organisers reserve the right to make changes to this program. Changes may occur due to presenter unavailability. Changes will be notified on this page, and, to the best of the organiser's ability, kept to the smallest possible adjustment.

Sunday 8th November 2020

Afternoon Session     14:00 – 17:00 pm

Doctoral Workshop
Master and Doctoral students present their theses

  • Torrens University Australia
  • Australian Institute of Business
  • University of Tasmania



Awards sponsored by Australian Institute of Business

  • Best Student Action Research Paper Award
  • Best Student Action Research Presentation Award
    See the criteria for these awards on the Doctoral Workshop page.
Evening Session     18:00 – 20:45 pm


Assoc. Prof Chivonne Algeo (Australia)
Flying the Plane while Building it: Transitioning to Online during COVID-19


Genevieve Cother, BALT (Australia)

Massive Online Action Learning Event

Chivonee Algeo  Genevieve Cother

Estimated International Times for the day (please check your local times):

  • PST: 7.00 pm (11/07) – 1.45 am (11/08)
  • EST: 10.00 pm (11/07) – 4.45 am (11/08)
  • GMT: 3.00 – 9.45 am (8/11)
  • CET: 4.00 – 10.45 am (8/11)
  • NZDT: 4.00 – 10.45 pm (8/11)

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Monday 9th November 2020

Morning Session     8:30 am – 12:10 pm

Keynote Artistic Display
Clyde Mansell & Tasmanian Elders (Australia)

Looking to the Past to Rediscover the Future of Learning

Clyde Mansell

Paper Presentations
Melissa Hawkins (with Max French) (United Kingdom)
Action-oriented Research: A Route to Relevance for the Social Sciences?




Bonnie Endicott (United States of America)
Five Action Learning Strategies that Southwest Airline’s Uses for Leadership Development That You Can Implement for Your Programs



Paper Presentation
Amina Omarova / Barry Esley (Australia)

The Application of ALAR to Facilitate the Adult Learning Experiences of Indonesian International Students in an Australian University

Melissa Hawkins Max French Bonnie Endicott Dr Amina Omarova  Dr Barry Esley
Afternoon Session     14:00 am – 17:10 pm

Paper Presentations
Yedida Bessemer (United States of America)

Developing and Improving Data Literacy among Online faculty through Professional Learning Communities: An Action Research Study

See Yedida introduce her presentation here on YouTube.

Celeita Williams (New Zealand)
Impact Incontinence: Can the Ambulance be at the Top of the Cliff?

Shankar Sankaran (Australia)

Action Research as a Meta-methodology: Facilitating Actionable Knowledge

Yedida Bessemer


Celeita Williams

Shankar Sankaran

Evening Session     18:30 – 21.15 pm

Paper Presentation
Bernhard Hauser (Germany)

Agile Action Learning – How Criticality can Enhance Scrum and the Agile Movement

Bernhard introduces his presentation here in Vimeo

Genevieve Cother (Australia) and Monika Koncz-Mackenzie (Ellen MacArthur Foundation United Kingdom)

Building the Circular Economy through Action Learning

Genevieve introduces Monika here in Vimeo


Bernhard Hauser


Genevieve Cother Monika Koncz-Mackenzie

Estimated International Times for the day (please check your local times):

  • PST: 1.30 pm (11/08) – 2.15 am (11/09)
  • EST: 4.30 pm (11/08) – 5.15 am (11/09)
  • GMT: 9.30 pm (8/11) – 10.15 am (9/11)
  • CET: 10.30 pm (8/11) – 11.15 am (9/11)
  • NZDT: 10.30 am – 11.15 pm (9/11)

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Tuesday 10th November 2020

Morning Session     8:30 am – 12:30 pm

Keynote Address
Christine Abbott (United Kingdom)

Intertwingling: The role of action learning in collaborating with others

Christine introduces her presentation here in Vimeo

Christine Abbott

Paper Presentation
Rafael Capó Garcia (Puerto Rico)

Lifelong Learning through Participatory Action Research


Afrouz Mobayen and Judith McBride (Canada)

Online Relational Learning: Exploring the Potential of Literary Métissage in Building Online Life-long Learning Communities

See Afrouz and Judy introduce this presentation here in YouTube



Paper Presentation:
Silvia Olivares (Mexico)
Action Learning: Challenges that Impact on Employability Skills



Afrouz Mobayen Judith McBride Silvia Olivares
Afternoon Session     14:00 am – 17:30 pm

Paper Presentations
Diana Austin, Lesley Ferkins, Trish Morrison & Celeita Williams (New Zealand)
Looking for the ‘Ah Ha’ Moments in Action Research Understanding






Trish Morrison & Diana Austin (New Zealand)
How can Engagement with the Community Enhance an Existing Undergraduate Nursing Programme to Support the Provision of Quality Care for People who Identify as Gender Diverse?


William Woodworth (Australia)
Delivering Innovation through Facilitated Action Learning in a Heavy Industrial Environment – An Account of Practice

Bill introduces his presentation here in Vimeo

Mark Gerard (Australia) 10 Years of Business Action Learning Tasmania

Mark introduces his presentation here in Vimeo


Diana Austin Lesley Ferkins Celeita Williams Liz OrrTrish Morrison Bill Woodworth


Mark Gerard


Evening Session     18:30 – 21.30 pm

Paper Presentation
Bob Dick (Australia)

The Relevance of Action Learning to the World’s Current Existential Crises

Bob introduces his presentation here in Vimeo.

Marc P. Lammerink (Portugal)

Training of Practitioners of Participatory Action Research for a More Sustainable World – Approach, Perspectives and Praxis

Marc's video about his presentation is here in Vimeo.

Bob Dick



Marc Lammerink

Estimated International Times for the day (please check your local times):

  • PST: 1.30 pm (11/09) – 2.30 am (11/10)
  • EST: 4.30 pm (11/09) – 5.30 am (11/10)
  • GMT: 9.30 pm (9/11) – 10.30 am (10/11)
  • CET: 10.30 pm (9/11) – 11.30 am (10/11)
  • NZDT: 10.30 am – 11.30 pm (10/11)

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Wednesday 11th November 2020

Morning Session     8:30 am – 12:30 pm

Brook Batch, Rebecca Allen, Jacqueline Roberts & Alex Nakonechnyi (United States of America)

Making College Accessible for Rural Students: A Participatory Action Research Project






Paper Presentation
John Morrison and Stephen Hanman (Australia)

A New Way Forward to Build our Futures; Developing Innovative Collaborative Delivery Models in Construction to Enhance Project Outcomes



Ron Passfield (Australia)
Integrating Action Learning and Mindfulness to Develop Productive and Mentally Healthy Workplaces

Ron introduces his presentation here in Vimeo

Brook Batch Rebecca Allen Jacqueline Roberts

John Morrison Stephen Hanman


Ron Passfield

Afternoon Session     14:00 am – 17:15 pm

John Molineux (Australia)

Soft Systems Methodology – A Great Technique for Complex Problem Solving with Groups

Bob Cother (Australia)
Developing 21st Century Skills through Action Learning

Bob introduces his presentation here in Vimeo
John Molineux Bob Cother
Evening Session     18:30 – 20.45 pm

Closing Revolving Panel
Action Learning and Action Research in a Post-COVID-19 World

Conference Close

Estimated International Times for the day (please check your local times):

  • PST: 1.30 pm (11/10) – 1.45 am (11/11)
  • EST: 4.30 pm (11/10) – 4.45 am (11/11)
  • GMT: 9.30 pm (10/11) – 9.45 am (11/11)
  • CET: 10.30 pm (10/11) – 10.45 am (11/11)
  • NZDT: 10.30 am – 10.45 pm (11/11)

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