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Our Members

Action Learning, Action Research Association Ltd (ALAR Association, also known as ALARA) embraces people working across the immensely diverse range of methodologies, theory and substantive areas, methods and techniques that make up this new paradigm of research or inquiry, with the following diagram naming just some of the more than 100 that can be identified:

Action Learning Action Research Methodologies

We are a strategic network of people interested or involved in using these kinds of approaches to transform a wide range of settings including: workplaces, schools, colleges and universities, health and human services, rural, urban and other communities, voluntary organisations, government, business, management, the environment, agriculture, engineering, community development, information technology, evaluation and quality improvement, self help and social change groups, feminist concerns and government instrumentalities and programs in developed, emerging and developing countries.

Membership is in four categories - Individual, Organisational (including Affiliate membership), ex-Offico and Life. Individual membership has sub-categories according to the primary place of residence and the life circumstances of the member. Please see our Membership section for more information.