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Printed Publications for Sale

Following the cessation of the print-on-demand service by Sydney University Press, ALAR Association has been seeking an alternative printing service (with more news to come).

As part of that search, a stocktake of ALAR Association publications revealed a small number of journals, monographs and other publications that are now available for sale.

  • Action Learning and Action Research Journal
    • Vol. 5 No. 1 April 2000
    • Vol. 6 No. 1 March 2001; No. 2 October 2001; and No. 3 November 2001
    • Vol. 7 No. 1 April 2002; and No. 2 October 2002
    • Vol. 9 No. 1 April 2004
    • Vol. 10 No. 2 October 2005 (multiple copies)
    • Vol. 16 No. 1 April 2010; and No. 2 October 2010 (multiple copies)
    • Vol. 17 No. 2 October 2011 (multiple copies)
    • Vol. 18 No. 1 March 2012 (multiple copies); and No. 2 July 2012
    • Vol. 19 No. 1 September 2013 (multiple copies)
    • Vol. 20 No. 1 April 2014; and No. 2 December 2014 (multiple copies)
    • Vol. 21 No. 1 August 2015 (multiple copies); and No. 2 December 2015
    • Vol. 22 No. 1 December 2016
    • Vol. 23 No. 1 June 2017; and No. 2 December 2017
ALARA Journal
  • ALARA Monograph Series
    • No. 2 Piggot-Irvine, E. (2011) et al. Building Leadership Capacity - Sustainable Leadership Auckland Maungakiekie Principals’ Group Action Research Project 2009-2010 (multiple copies)
    • No. 3 Deacon, Z. and Moxley, D. (2012) Donors as stakeholders in Community-Based Participatory Action Research: Praxis as typology in framing their roles (multiple copies)
    • No. 4 Moxley, D., Calligan, M.F. and Washington, O.G.M. (2013) Engaging the Arts, Humanities and Design in Action Research and the Helping Professions (multiple copies)
    • No. 6 Davies, D. et al. (2016) Beyond the boundary: Is there something called ‘real knowledge’?
  • Books: World Congress Proceedings
    • Goff, S. (Ed.) (2013) From Theory to Practice; Context in Praxis 8th Action Learning, Action Research and 12th Participatory Action Research 2010 World Congress Proceedings (multiple copies)
    • Bradley, C. (Ed.) (2017) Collaborative and Sustainable Learning for a Fairer World: Rhetoric or Reality Proceedings of the 9th Action Learning Action Research and 13th Participatory Action Research World Congress 2015 (multiple copies)
  • Other Books:
    • Kearney J. and Todhunter M. (2015) Lifelong Action Learning and Research - A Tribute to the Life and Pioneering Work of Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt
2015 World Congress Proceedings

These publications are available for purchase at the rates stated below. These rates include standard postage, which is a saving over purchasing directly from a print-on-demand service. Faster postage is available at an additional cost.

To purchase a copy, please click on the type of publication, where you will proceed through the usual online purchase process, (Add to cart, proceed to Checkout and then pay via PayPal).

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