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Action Learning, Action Research Association Ltd (ALARA) aims to support practitioners, students and educators who are engaged in collaborative and participative processes for learning and research. It provides a range of resources under the Knowledge menu.

ALARA also has other areas for collaborative learning and research, such as:

ALARA Tertiary Education Community

An online LinkedIn discussion group has been created for students and educators, interested in action learning, action research and related approaches, to connect and learn with each other. There are opportunities for members to post new discussion topics, ask questions of other members, or join in on existing online conversations. Find out more on our Membership - Tertiary Education Community page.

ALAR Journal and Monograph Series

Through the Action Learning and Action Research Journal (ALARj), we promote the study and practice of action learning, action research and related approaches, and action learning and action research networking on a global basis. Most years, ALARA produces two issues of the ALARj.

The ALARj contains project reports, reflections on seminars and conferences, articles related to the theory and practice of action learning, action research and related approaches, and reviews of recent publications. It aims to be highly accessible for readers, contributors and practitioners. Longer papers - up to 20,000 words - are produced as Monographs.

To find out more about the ALARj and Monographs, please see our Publications page.

Global Centre for Work-Applied Learning (GCWAL)

One of ALARA's Organisational Members is the Global Centre for Work-Applied Learning. ALARA has been a supporter of GCWAL's conferences, and co-hosted a World Congress on Work-Applied Learning with GCWAL in 2016. In 2020, it entered into an alliance with GCWAL to co-badge development programmes and to develop research opportunities. Learn more here.

Research Projects

ALARA supports members and non-members in undertaking Action Learning and Action Research projects. Recent projects commenced include:

  • Ethics - a review of successful Ethics Committees / Board applications
  • Action Learning / Action Research publications
  • Action Learning and certification programs