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ALARA Webinar - Use of Arts with Action Research

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Zoom Webinar
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Geof Hill


Geof Hill has been a long term action research practitioner. He had showcased the use of cabaret as a means of disseminating research findings and during his Readership at Birmingham City University (UK) fostered a collective of researchers who were sharing their individual and collaborative research using various art forms, including art installations.



There are two predominant ways in which we can see an overlay between the arts and action research. The first is that arts practitioners have utilised action research to investigate their varied practices. As many arts practices are iterative, they lend themselves to an action research approach to practice investigation. The second way aligns with the idea that action research is a challenge to the traditional (often assumed to be scientific) ways of doing research and in addition to challenging the traditions of undertaking research, many action researchers have also challenged the ways in which research is shared or disseminated. In these challenges they have embraced a variety of art forms.

This workshop is intended showcase the opportunities for all of the arts to work with action research, and specifically for arts to infuse presentations at the upcoming action research conference. The workshop will explore examples such as poetry, images, drama and cabaret, as well as illuminating the practice of art installations being presented at research conferences.

Join us for this conversation where your participation is encouraged.

Registration Now Open

The 60 minute webinar commenced at 1.00 pm on Thursday 16 May 2024 (Australia Eastern Daylight Time).

Cost: Attendance is free, but you must register to attend, so that we can send you the Zoom details.

This webinar is now finished. A copy of the slides shown during the webinar is available here (2.1 Mb).