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ALARA Monograph No 5

Monograph No. 5 (2013)

Action Research Engagement:
Creating the Foundations for Organizational Change

Wendy E. Rowe, Marie Graf, Niels Agger-Gupta, Eileen Piggot-Irvine and Brigitte Harris

The Action Research Engagement model (ARE) describes principles and implementation steps of an initiative that helps organizational stakeholders increase their engagement and ‘readiness’ for the change phase of action research. ARE is a cyclical process of inquiry, dialogue and deliberation that aims to lead organizational members to: shift in attitudes toward change; open understanding of different points of view on issues and opportunities for change; identify potential approaches to challenges and barriers; generate vision/goals, strategies and actions; and lead to viable action plans for sustainable change. This preparatory ARE model is based on theoretical premises about the role of dialogue and participation in inquiry processes in generating engagement, commitment and ‘readiness’ for change—all of which are necessary and foundational to a successful change intervention. Two case studies illustrate the ARE model and processes.

Download ALARA Monograph No. 5 - Rowe et al, 2013 (320 KB)

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