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ALARA on Social Media

Action Learning, Action Research Association Ltd (ALAR Association) on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

Have you joined ALAR Association (also known as ALARA) on its social media sites?

ALARA has a Public Group on Facebook called Action Learning Action Research Association Ltd (ALARA). Anyone can see ALARA’s Public Group’s Page and who is member. Only members of the Facebook Group can post, so please consider joining it.

ALARA also has a page on Facebook: Action Learning Action Research Association Ltd - ALARA (ALARA). We encourage visiting, liking and following this page.

We also invite you to join us via ALARA's other social media accounts:

  • Twitter at @alaraevents, where we share action research and action learning resources, using hashtags such as #actionresearch and #actionlearning. We also promote major events on Twitter.
  • Vimeo, where you can view ALARA videos
  • YouTube, where we also share videos and audio files

General Information

The Facebook Group, page and event and other sites aim to promote dialogue on all issues within the Action Learning / Action Research community and networks.

Please note that membership of an ALARA social media group or site does not create membership in ALARA, and membership of ALARA does not create membership of ALARA's Facebook Group or other social media sites. You must join ALARA to become a member of ALARA, and join the appropriate social media to participate in their conversations.

Guidelines for Engagement

  1. Posts must be by real people with real names - handles or character names must not be used.
  2. Posts that are false or malicious and which may harm someone's reputation or the reputation of ALARA or our members are not permitted. This is a professional forum. It is unacceptable to post or send unprofessional, abusive, aggressive, insulting, or otherwise inappropriate messages.
  3. Discussions should be relevant to Action Learning and Action Research.
  4. Promotion of products and services, websites promoting such products and services, and business opportunities, and self-promotion of any kind, other than those related to ALARA or its networked organisations, are not permitted.
  5. Discussion items (including links to articles/blogs) should clearly invite group members' response and participation.
  6. Breaches of these rules may result in offending posts being deleted.
  7. We reserve the right to remove a participant from the group at any time if we deem this to be necessary.


ALARA provides the Facebook Pages and other social media forums in good faith to promote discussion amongst practitioners about Action Learning and Action Research in all its forms. Information entered into the Facebook Pages and other forums are the opinions of the authors, and do not represent the views of ALARA, its Board or members. Persons or organisations that do not agree with the content of an entry should respond to the facts of the entry. Persons or organisations may contact ALARA via its website,, to request that a particular entry or series of entries be removed from any of ALARA's social media sites. Such approaches must include the full details of the person making the request (including contact details), details of the offending entry(ies), and the reason(s) for the request before ALARA will be able to investigate the request.

The ALARA Facebook Group has over 470 members, with @alaraevents on Twitter approaching 200 followers, so please join the conversations.