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ALARA Conferences

ALARA Australasian Conferences

Action Learning, Action Research Association Ltd (ALARA) runs conferences in most years that aim to build knowledge amongst delegates through engagement, discussion and reflection. These conferences offer great scope for presenters to facilitate fun, interesting and participative sessions that allow both presenters and delegates to collaboratively learn with and from each other. Go to our Conferences page for a list of past events.

Students: ALARA conferences provide a fun and supportive environment where students can explore aspects of their research/projects in a conversation with others or can run interactive sessions which are based on their studies. Mentoring can be provided to students who are interested in facilitating an interactive session and would like some support with the development of their collaborative focused presentation.

ALARA conferences also provide individuals with opportunities to learn about collaborative learning and research methods via their direct participation and engagement in the interactive sessions offered by other presenters. In previous Australasian conferences, individuals have learnt about action learning by dancing the Cha Cha, and have learnt about reflection through movement, visual aids and group discussions. For more information about the upcoming ALARA conferences please go to the News and Events page