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AREOL spiral

Action Research and Evaluation On-line Course (Areol)

Action Learning, Action Research Association Ltd (ALARA) sponsors a bi-annual 15 week on-line action research course offered by Bob Dick. This course is free and is available for students and interested individuals to engage in if they want to learn more about collaborative and participative based research methods.

The program invites participants to consider where action research can be used and how participatory processes can be implemented in a project design. This includes a focus on active change processes, creating and contracting involvement and participation with others, achieving rigour in cyclical review and evaluation, and processes for data collection and analysis. A full program overview can be accessed via the following link:

If you are interested in participating in the program or would like further details about the course, please click here.

The next program begins in later in 2021, with orientation material sent out in mid-year. To enrol, email Bob Dick (bd [at] and ask for a subscription form.

Note: A copy of an earlier version of the content of the program is available here.