Working with ALARA

Action Learning, Action Research Association Ltd (ALARA) is a volunteer-based organisation which is always looking to engage with individuals who have diverse skills and talents to help us achieve our purpose. If there is a specific area of ALARA's activities about which you are excited or want to learn more, then why not consider volunteering with ALARA. The current vacant opportunities are listed below. However, if these positions do not spark your interest, ALARA is open to further suggestions about where you would like to focus your talents. There are no set requirements to volunteer with ALARA – we welcome individuals who are new to Action Learning and Action Research or who are experienced practitioners. If you want to engage with us, please contact ALARA at secretary [at]

Current positions:

  • Journal Editor: After several years as Managing Editor of ALARA’s Action Learning and Action Research Journal, Susan Goff has decided to step down, and ALARA now seeks a new Editor. The Editor co-ordinates the review and editing of articles for the ALARj, published twice a year (and sometimes a third time for a special issue) on the OJS (Open Journal Systems) publishing site. ALARA would welcome two (or even three) people sharing the Editor responsibilities. To express your interest or obtain more information about the role, please contact secretary [at]
  • Reviewers: The Action Learning, Action Research Journal and ALARA Monograph series are peer-reviewed publications. ALARA is always seeking additional reviewers to assist in the review of articles for the ALARj (usually 3,000 - 8,000 words), books on Action Learning and Action Research, and Monographs (longer papers of 8,000 - 20,000 words). If you would like to assist by reviewing a book, Monograph or a couple of articles per year, please contact the Managing Editor at editor [at]
  • Conference / Congress Presentation Reviewers: ALARA is planning its future Conferences and World Congresses, and requires volunteers to review proposed presentations at these events. If you would like to assist by participating in a sub-committee for an event that reviews the proposals by potential presenters and helps develop the program, please contact ALARA at secretary [at]
  • Web Services, Marketing and Membership support: ALARA's Management Committee has vacancies in these areas, and we would welcome volunteers who would like to join the Management Committee in these roles, or who would like to help out in these areas, but not join the Management Committee (in other words, you do not have to be on the Committee to help!). Please contact ALARA at secretary [at] if you can support ALARA.