Notice of ALARA 2018 Annual General Meeting for ALARA Inc.

Wednesday, 16 August, 2017

Dear Member

The 2018 Annual General Meeting of ALARA Inc will be conducted as both an electronic meeting and a Zoom meeting. 

Please see the attached agenda for the meeting. Further details will be included in the information provided during the electronic meeting.

The electronic section of the meeting will commence at Midnight on Thursday 6 September and conclude at 11:59 PM on Wednesday 19 September 2018. The Zoom (video conference) meeting will commence at 8.00 PM on Thursday 20 September 2018. (All times listed are Australian Eastern Standard Time (Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne) - please check the relevant time for your location, e.g.,

If you will be attending the Zoom meeting, financial members must register by 9.00 am on Wednesday 19 September.  To register your intention to participate in this meeting please advise the Secretary of the email you will be using for the meeting. Registered Financial Members will be sent an email at about 7.55 PM on Thursday 20 September 2018, which will include a link (All times listed are Australian Eastern Standard Time). Clicking on that link will mean the Member will need to accept the download and installation of the appropriate Zoom software that will allow the member to join the meeting. There is no cost to join the meeting. 

Robyn Lynn
Constitutional Secretary