ALARA photo bombing - surely not!!

Thursday, 11 May, 2017

Now that ALARA has its brand new website, and several important announcements planned over coming months, it is time to make everyone aware of ALARA and its activities.

While we would never advocate you abseil the Eiffel Tower and display an ALARA banner, we do encourage members to find inventive ways to get ALARA's name and banner on social and other forms of media - in a good, legal way! Examples could be wearing an ALARA tee shirt while sitting in the audience of a television show or at the Houses of Parliament while they are being broadcast, or carrying an ALARA banner at a fun run. Another option might be stepping into frame carrying an ALARA banner while a politician is being interviewed about a review about which she/he is unhappy, and saying "Perhaps they should have used a more participative Action Research approach?" and then walking off. (Sorry, we do not have any printed ALARA tee shirts, but we might be able to help with a logo for printing - contact Robyn our secretary (who sends this e-Newsletter) to ask.)

Those who come up with the best ideas, or who achieve the widest audience views will win much admiration and accolades - but not an actual physical prize.

Videos or pictures of successful photo-bombs or other media exposure of ALARA should be sent to Robyn (remembering that we want to enhance and increase the good name of ALARA!).