To join ALARA as a member, or this website temporarily, please:

  1. Complete the details in the form below; and
  2. Pay for the appropriate subscription for Temporary or Annual Membership by going to the Subscriptions page.

Membership types include Temporary (one month) for AUD 9.95, Full, Concessional and Reduced Fee (conditions apply).

There are three levels of membership for Full, Concessional and Reduced Fee, depending on your primary country of residence and your life circumstances, based on the World Bank's list of countries.

Country Type

Membership Type
(Ave Income < USD 4,085)
(Ave Income between USD 4,086 and 12,615)
(Ave Income> USD 12,615)
Full membership AUD 55
(~ USD 40)
AUD 99
(~ USD 72)
AUD 143
(~ USD 104)
Concessional membership AUD 27.50
(~ USD 20)
AUD 49.50
(~ USD 36)
AUD 71.50
(~ USD 52)

The annual fee for a Reduced Fee membership is the same as the Concessional fee, but Reduced Fee members must belong to an Organisational member of ALARA.

Your application cannot proceed until ALARA receives both this completed form and your payment.

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